Indian Classical Dance Artiste of Bharata Natyam


                         Nandini Krishna                                   

Nandini Krishna is an accomplished performing artiste of Bharata Natyam Indian classical dance.

Trained under renowned masters she strives to maintain the traditional aspects of the dance form in the rapidly changing milieu.   

Over the years she has collaborated with diverse art-forms and artistes both at home, in India and abroad.

As a teacher with a varied experience she imparts and links traditional aspects to modernity.

As an able arts administrator she has initiated numerous and meaningful arts projects.

As free-lance journalist she has contributed to important magazines, newspapers and classical music and dance journals.

She believes in what her Guru strove to instill in her- that one must convey the art simply without undue frills, staying on course. It is easy to get carried away. But to hold on to the essence, whether in performance or creation is difficult. It means to strive to keep the 'sthayi bhava'. The stillness, the repose, the pause that is ever so fleeting. 

Dance is the sum, is the struggle, is the joy, of maintaining the stillness in movement, the calm in the frenzy, the mid-point in the middle of paradoxes!

Thus it is with her to maintain the fine balance of the old with the new. 

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